Ice Climbing

Ice Climbing in the Adirondacks may be one of the best kept secrets in ice climbing. The ice here comes in early and stays into April. Come climb with a local guide that really knows the area, you'll love it. 

Learning to climb with a professional guide is vital if you want to learn the right technique, form good habits, maximize your time, and have fun. AMG's knowledge of ice and climbing mastery comes from years of climbing and teaching experience. Ian has learned and developed efficient technique while climbing and creating some of the hardest ice and mixed routes in the

Adirondacks and northeast. Whether your just starting, or a seasoned climber, AMG can help take your climbing to a new level.

Ice climbing is made easier and more fun by today's technology. AMG has the new tools from Cassin, Petzl, Black Diamond, Grivel and Simond. We have Scarpa Alpha boots and are the only Adirondack guide service to have La Sportiva Nepal Extreme leather boots . Climbing in leather is a must for advancing beyond intermediate terrain.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"My ice climbing abilities improved dramatically under the expert guidance of Ian and AMG. He is a gifted instructor with an innate capacity to quickly assess one’s abilities and he expertly decides what is required to move the climber to the next level. It’s always a genuine pleasure and a rewarding adventure climbing with AMG."
-Pedro Caban
"I was referred to Ian's guide service by a trusted friend who's an experienced ice climber. As an inexperienced woman mountaineer in the making, it was important to climb with a guide that would teach, have patience, and the proper equipment. Not only did Ian exceed my expectations with the list above, he made the experience fun and exciting!! He started me out on a small climb to perfect my skills before moving me to taller climbs. I was impressed by his experience, detail to safety, and his ability to teach me this sport in such a short time. Ian motivated me to keep climbing all day and definitely challenged my abilities without overwhelming me. When we finished climbing, I felt accomplished and proud. I would recommend Ian to my family and friends, he's great at his job! My next trip is already planned with Ian!!"
-Kelley Uvanni, Lee Center, NY
"We’ve been climbing with Ian since winter of 2014. We started ice climbing a couple of years before and then Ian introduced us to rock that spring. We cannot whish for a better guide, climbing instructor and just a good friend. Every outing with Ian has been an adventure in a best sense of this word. He has an intimate knowledge of the area and we often wind up on the routes few people know about or dare to lead. Not only we are pushed to the limits and beyond, but we also have fun doing it! On or off the mountain, Ian is an absolute pleasure to spend time with. We are in Lake Placid almost every weekend during ice and rock seasons due in no small part to the wealth and quality of experiences we are getting with AMG. In short – we can’t recommend Ian and his services high enough, this is what all mountain guiding outfits should be striving to be!"
-Oleg Neverovitch
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